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fodendo frote hacia abajo

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Puto dispuesto esposa gemidos deliciosos Fodendo un bunda da gostosa mulata - www. Loira chupando uma rola com vontade He took a red light and turning to me asked if I had spent a good evening.

I said yes but I would have liked to check if they really had no bathing suit white marks on her body, she smiled with sparkling eyes. The light turned green and continued our journey suddenly and without saying anything he stopped and asked me while pointing a nod to a suspected hotel renting rooms by the hour, near which had stopped the car -. I said no and parked the car a little further. We went in and took a room. We ask that you notify us at 6 in the morning.

We climbed and on entering the room we hugged tightly as we kissed. As if we were baring been tested , as we kissed , dropping clothes on the floor and we stumbled to the bed.

She paused and jumped rose and winking said he had to go to the bathroom , picked up his bag from the floor by the way, came in and closed the door. Within minutes , half an eternity to me , turned gorgeous , naked.

He went to bed and left to admire. He gave a warm and cheerful smile and gave me the challenge of finding a part of your body where you have been shown the sun.

He lay on his back and extending his arms and legs offered his body to my search. Slowly I went through her body with my eyes , my hands , my lips , leaving every bit a brief kiss on her skin still toast. I was greedy with her breasts and let me go. I went down her belly , exceeding its navel, I crowned her mound and down letting my eager mouth found between the hair and parted the lips of her sex.

I got carried away by the situation, by desire, by their rhythmic movements began his hip slightly , by the sound of his breathing. Soon his breathing missed a beat , it was choppy. The fingers of his hands clenched in my hair as her thighs seized my head. Was ceasing Slowly swaying movements of your hip , making them more leisurely , more profound , to the rhythm of your breath , hold your peace his moans more. When he had relaxed a bit I left and went between her legs up her body , undoing the previous path.

When I wanted to leave a kiss on the lips , I stood up and with a delicious pout smile took away from the corner of his mouth curling hair one of her pubic hair. Our mouths back together as she separated her legs over her hand and introduced my penis inside her vagina.

Soon the cadence regained the hips at the same rate the two , complementing. With full body movements were getting carried away by the time we wrapped.

Soon we were both moaning and panting breathlessly while a delicious orgasm ran our bodies that were engaging in every movement , in every breath , every gasp , every moan , every kiss. Fatigued we drop in bed while giving kisses were still short and mild. Almost in unison between kisses we got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I finished my before and went back to bed.

There I came to expect it lying on top of clothing. I watched as she left the bathroom and proceeded to pick up clothes scattered on the floor. He had a point gait suggestive , especially being barefoot. There was no beauty , quarantine near his body showed obvious so mercilessly over the years. Her smallish breasts had lost its previous strength but her nipples seemed to try to raise them by all means. Female athlete , a certain freshness kept her figure , her waist is marked on hips that gave way to a cellulite -affected buttocks like their thighs , some logs.

Her belly was not so smooth below your navel began a slight curve ending in a densely pubes curly black hair. Undoubtedly her naked body is that of an attractive woman very desirable but until then I had never noticed it , at least that way.

I got up and together we order our clothes and got ready sorted on the sparse furnishings of the room. We went back to bed and went to bed. I kissed her hard on the mouth. Then I did a little back as he watched. She smiled , walked over and pressed against my chest as she relaxed and let himself be overcome by the same dream that began to take effect also in me.

The six arrived early and the phone rang , Alicia stretched and attended the reception notice. J'ai dit Salut je suis Guille!

Cela a mis un mille! Bouche je mets mes mains vers le bas et j'ai ouvert ma file d'attente pour laisser la voie grande ouverte. Me dijo -Hola soy Guille! No era gigante, pero era dura, gruesa y muy sabrosa. Nos acomodamos la ropa y nos fuimos.

Al ver ese panorama, el acomodo su miembro en la puerta de mi ano y lo fue deslizando muy suavemente, muy hermosamente. Y fue lo que hice al instante. Ya el estaba a punto de acabar nuevamente. El me la arrimo a la boca y luego de un par de chupadas me lleno la boca.

Bueno amigos espero les haya gustado mi relato. To many days I did not have sex with my neighbor and my tail was already boiling.

Without hesitation note the number , thinking to send a message as soon be alone. Arrive on time and instantly I about a boy about 30 years, with padlock beard , thin very sympathetic. I said Hi I'm Guille! There is no much scope and areas where there are no people at all. I stopped the engine and started talking. I began to grope her under pants feeling a beautiful cock.

It was not huge , but it was hard, thick and very tasty. He began moaning instantly. After a while of pajearlo and suck at the same time, I filled the mouth of his milk, warm and thick , but very rich. The asked me if I liked his cock , to which I responded yes, but would have preferred the inside of my tail.

He wanted to fuck me on the Avenida , anywhere. So we arranged to meet another day. To which I responded that if I wanted it and I was really looking forward. Finally the day came to see us and we kissed , half lips , half on the cheek and decided to go to a hotel. But the fever was stronger than anything else.

Got to the room , we undressed , went to bed and started kissing to full. It is so soft lips! After a while , the asked me once again and sucked it like it had the other day in the car. So I went down with my lips down to his cock, which in itself was harder than ever. Mouth I put my hands down and opened my queue to leave the way wide open. Seeing that picture , the accommodation, the member at the door of my anus and sliding it was very soft, very beautifully.

At that time I was in the clouds , in the sky. Having a dick , of someone who hardly knew and enjoying it , was something I never thought would happen one day. I got a little sad , thinking that everything would end there , but he said , - Suck a little while more to stand again.

And what I did instantly. After a few minutes I was suck hard again and eager to continue taking me. This time I put my legs on his shoulders and brought me a jerk. It was a while, then I asked him to do so type spoon , which is one of the ways I like what I do.

As he was about to cum again. This time I asked him to let me taste her nectar. The me bring closer to the mouth and after a couple of puffs filled me mouth. The closing down his pants and pulls out his beautiful cock to suck it some more. I did not beg for a second, I started to blow him pajearlo and raring until I filled her mouth again.

It was a fucking bull , I ran 3 times in 9 minutes , and I blessed him. Promising to see us again soon. With Guille we keep collecting every so often and every time I'm with him I really enjoy. Les minutes semblaient des heures d'attente. Est soudainement apparu devant moi un homme 1. Qu'est-ce que tu ressembles , tu m'aimes?

Pour qui j'ai dit oui. Puis le pousser dans le lit et s'allongea sur elle , les baisers de poursuivre. Qui vous a appris tout cela, la Vierge Marie? Alors que je l'aime plus que moi je me fais prendre , mais Alexander faisais une amende.

Nous continuons avec les baisers, les caresses. This relationship began more than five years and I can swear , tasty addition to my meetings with my brother , it was the most wonderful sexual encounters with a man pass. One day , chatting on the phone , I presented a man , claiming to be preferentially active - Alejandro called me, I have 58 years , I am active and I like to meet you , 'he said. I accepted immediately, since by that time the relationship with me when I was a little chilled.

We agreed to meet the next day, on the way down the highway May 25 and Avenida La Plata in Buenos Aires and we liked each other , we would go to a hotel, to have a great time together. Upon arrival, I send a message to the phone and answer me it is on track. The minutes seemed like hours waiting. Suddenly appeared before me a man 1. I replied , from inside the car. You must be Alejandro. At the moment I opened the car door and invite him up. Once inside, we look from top to bottom. What do you look like, you like me?

To which I said yes. I like you, replied. So we go to a hotel? To which I replied with yeah. I could not contain my urge to kiss him right there, or to get their hands on his pants. We , as soon as we close the door of the room, began to undress , and I instantly imitate.

He already had done many times with different men , then took the lead. For me it was the first time I did it with a stranger. When naked , in full starts to hug and kiss with great passion, they stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. How beautiful was receiving kisses from my beloved Alejandro! He sat on the bed and I stopped kissing. Then push him into bed and lay down on it , continuing kissing.

In a neglect of him, I take his cock and place it between your legs , very close to the entrance of my tail, and legs gathered to press. Who taught you all this, the Virgin Mary? This went on for a long time , kissing , caressing her face, her beautiful body , until his beautiful member lower , which caress , getting hard as a rock. We got out of bed , I just sit on the edge and stay with him at his member standing near my mouth, what is it with my right hand grip and I got one in the mouth.

He began to moan , looked like he was loving. He asked me to put her back to him and I bend a little, under the shower.

Accommodating his cock at the entrance of my tail and I was getting very little. It had a very large penis about 16 cm and not very wide , so that with the expansion of his fingers, the shower water and a little soap to help too, I went almost a. Just had to go doing some breaks to get to hit his balls with my buttocks. Then , feeling that was ending , he withdrew his penis , he turned and knelt in front of me and slipped my cock into her mouth , savoring with pleasure. When it was hard , I gave little back and stuck it on just as I grabbed her hand , placed it on the door and was pushing her ass backward to have everything in it.

Being all penetrated , I took her waist and started to shove , as thoroughly as I could my penis is not big deal. He began to enjoy like crazy and I too. While I like it more than me I get caught , but Alexander was having a fine. We finished our swim , we dried some bodies and went to bed again , to continue giving love. We continue with the kisses , caresses. Every time I put on upside down , he slept on me and penetrated me with intensity.

Sensing that he was about to , I stopped and began to penetrate him. I penetrated his stomach, kind dog and his legs on my shoulders. He also did it in every possible way. After over an hour of each catch us , I asked him when I did would end in my mouth , to which he refused and told me it was disgusting and slowly entering the stomach, when the time cleared my tail and I filled the back of his beautiful milk. I took it with my fingers and I got into my mouth part.

He looked at me puzzled and realizing as I really liked the taste of milk. Then I put type dog and I started to penetrate him in order to finish myself. After a while I began to feel that inner fire and filled the queue milk.

We kissed a bit more , we changed and went. With Alexander caught 10 times, and in the following times left me to take all his cum , until I did a take mine to him too , always in hotels of capital.

Some with jacuzzi, very nice , some not so cute , but still with Alexander , I would have liked it even in the grass , next to a route. I tell them that after much searching I managed to find the right man. It is a tender and ardent lover man who treats me like a sweet kitten and I try to reciprocate in the best way , giving all my love and , of course, all my body for you to enjoy I met him in one of those many nights I went out very quietly dressed my age , about 40 years does not allow further ado with a dress somewhat tapered but not too short and I had placed a wig that was up to my shoulders.

After sharing a few drinks with people in a club environment , I decided to return to my home. The truth is that I did not think anything would happen that night special I boarded a taxi and placed next to the driver. On the way I noticed that the driver threw me very suggestive looks and the truth is that I was very hot and I started to climb secretly dress, casually, showing my legs that are quite attractive.

It was not long for he dared , began to stretch your hands and want to pet them , which at first prevented it very coquettishly I felt it my duty to tell who he was and he told me that he knew, that was not so stupid and he looked very beautiful.

That night I had a long careful with makeup and wore black stockings network type that highlighted my thighs. After clarifying everything was easier. He started to caress my legs at will while I rubbed his crotch where you could tell they had awakened a huge cock that I had decided not to lose. Really the excitement level rose uncontrollably and my moans were beginning to be heard At one point decided to park the car in a dark and little frequented and that's when it started good.

Anxious as I was pounced on his huge penis. I opened his fly and immediately jumped a member at that point I was drooling. I licked slowly enjoying a delicious wise viscous liquid. I started with my little tongue by a huge pink head and followed by the trunk and then try to swallow all that piece that left me breathless. Meanwhile he had also done their part and while I was kneeling on one of the seats of the car eating up his cock I had lowered the tiny thong and began introducing me to use their fingers in my anus which was already quite lengthy When finished foreplay he asked me we passed the back seat would be more comfortable where I agreed.

I placed the thong out my legs on his shoulders and I put in the most convenient way to facilitate penetration I confess was delicious. First the head that struggled capriciously by enter my ass while I tightened my sphincter to provide more pleasure. Her moans mingled with mine until I feel that all that huge cock was inside me and began to move with extraordinary ability in one maddening puts and takes to explode in an effusion of semen that had never seen leaving me all wet.

There is nothing more delicious to feel that your belly is full of milk and part slides between your legs Exhausted , we stayed in the car a few minutes and I proposed that we moved to his home. I was ready to continue the experience and I did pray a lot. We reached the place it was a small and very orderly atmosphere with good music and some books.

After a couple of drinks we returned to action and I have to confess that I leave the ass in disrepair to the point that for several days I felt a pang nice. But that's not what I liked and got along better while I became his little wife. Once a week I moved to his house and made my work with love little woman dressed entirely. The quiet moments are also delicious in bed as we surrender to the worship of our bodies and we have promised that soon our relationship will be permanent.

That's what I want most I tell them that always refers to me by the name of Lily what makes me feel increasingly hembrita and I'm willing to take that condition permanently. I tell my meeting with the doctor of 60 years. The other day , I started talking to a guy , Aldo , who told me he was 60 , but did not notice because it was a lot of sport , which was active , but she liked kissing, flannel, etc.

Just for me , I love kissing , flannel and I make love , in the best way. I had my doubts , because it wanted to meet federal capital , but found it a Friday I had to go to nearby, the just called me this morning and combine for We are the very good body , not very tall , skinny, ripped muscles.

We greeted each other and went to the hotel. He offered to pay for the room. Back in the elevator gave me a tongue kiss killed me. I touch your dick and how big it scared me tapeworm! I wanted to go right then. Got to the room , we undressed and started with kissing , flannel and tail touched , by the cock and played on my part. We were more than 15 minutes caressing and kissing , until I went down , kissed her nipples first and then followed down to meet his hake , which should measure about eight inches long and six or seven thick.

I hardly entered the mouth and head a little more. We did that for a while , then stood up and sucked it while standing , which he held my mouth with his cock. Then he asked me to put on four legs and tail chaparme began , was a treat the way it did! That if I love it. It was a while, then began to stick a finger , two and then three. I asked him to put a condom on his dick. It cost me a lot, since the diameter not entered.

I had to fight a while, I 'm reeeeapretado. First entered the head, after a while I push a little more , up to half or so and then started to put it all , I felt I broke my ass into four pieces. I asked her out for a while.

I was sitting up in and have it almost all started to go up and down. At that time it was delicious, but every so often pushed a little more and it hurt.

After type spoon did , which is how I like. And after more than an hour to enjoy with that pijota , I asked him to let me pajearlo and fill my mouth with its rich cum. Pajearlo I started with my hands and mouth and after a while, ended. We swam , we touched and kissed a little more and left. We arranged to meet another day, but do not call it even. The sent me a message the other day, but were not at all.

Nos saludamos y fuimos para el hotel. Yo le toque la pija y me asusto lo grande que la tenia!!!!! Eso si me encanta.

Tuve que luchar un rato, le quedo reeeeapretado. I want to tell my story so far was known only to me , sailing in the depths of my being. The truth is I was too afraid to make it known , but I decided to take that big step out of the closet or the closet as they say.

It turns out that very young I discovered my true identity but now I'm married and I have two boys very cute. Do not let pass the opportunity to try on the panties of my female relatives and better if they were used.

I liked that I transmit the scent of a woman, that woman who always wanted to be but that nature gave me.

Since being greater had the first experience. It all started at a bar not too good reputation where I met a very nice man with whom we share for a while. Between talk and talk for a long time share after which he invited me to continue the conversation in his apartment to which I gladly consented. Once in his car began to pick my in the crotch which caused me great pleasure.

Once we got to her apartment was very affectionate and started to undress slowly while cochinaditas ear telling me like " I know you're a dog ", "I will like to feel this in your ass " while showing me a dick already blew his first taste anticipation juices feel the first open my ass. Thus I began to make a superb " straw " as we say in my country.

First with his hands but then I could not avoid the temptation to start to suck. It's hard to describe the pleasure I felt when she came in my mouth. The taste of sour and sweet while your milk is unforgettable. After a short break my companion went back into action and began to caress around the body and both and both me softly inserted one of his fingers in my anus was dilated enough to withstand any onslaught I did put on all fours and began to gently his little tongue on my little hole while I pleasure crazed asked me to get all at once.

I ignored and thus I learned the glory from the pain. The puts and takes me mad and moaned like a bitch in heat while thanking being born to enjoy the pleasure he felt. It is an experience I want to repeat. No dejaba pasar la oportunidad de probarme las bragas de mis parientes mujeres y mejor si estaban usadas. Ya siendo mayor tuve la primera experiencia. Se trata de una experiencia que quiero repetir. Se quita la bata y se queda con solo una camiseta blanca y corta.

Se agarra con las manos a los laterales y casi tengo que obligarla a separar las piernas. Me encanta eso color negro, tan espeso que no se puede ver la piel que hay abajo. Me arrodillo entre sus piernas y comienzo usando la maquina corta-pelos en el numero 4. Se estremece ligeramente en la primera pasada pero luego comienza a disfrutar de las vibraciones de la maquina. Doy pasadas lentas y largas por todo el pubis, igualando el largo del vello.

Ella siempre se asusta en esta parte y cuando le miro a la cara para ver como esta no puedo evitar fijarme en que sus pezones se marcan en la tela de la camiseta. Ahora le tocan el turno a los labios vaginales que se han hinchado. Y las primeras gotas de flujo se deslizan por la suavidad de su interior de color rojo encendido. El olor de su sexo comienza a llenar el cuarto. Pero aun no he terminado. Vuelvo al pubis con la maquina en el cero, para darle su forma definitiva.

Voy despejando todo el vello de los lados, dejando solo el que cubre la pelvis. Hay que hacerlo con cuidado para evitar cortes.

Poco a poco va tomando la forma de un triangulo invertido con la parte superior ligeramente redondeada. Hay que repasar los laterales para dejarlos completamente suaves, dando pasadas en el sentido del vello para no irritar la piel. Ya casi he acabado. Ahora tiene que darse la vuelta y doblarse sobre el banco.

La siento en el bidet y con agua fresca le quito los restos de la crema y los pelos suelto. Termino recortando con una tijera y se quedo mirando mi pene como si fuera una obra de arte.

Sus labios gruesos y sensuales lo sorbieron como si fuera un gajo de naranja. Su boca se fue acercando peligrosamente a la punta de mi pene. Era una dulce tortura que me estaba haciendo perder el control. A esta mujer perversa le encantaba jugar con mi polla. El interior de su boca era como terciopelo ardiente. Subiendo y bajando con un ritmo y una cadencia infernalmente lenta. Presionado mi pene entre la lengua y el paladar. El semen estaba apunto salir de mis pelotas, que ella agarraba firmemente con una de sus manos.

Durante un momento me quede quieto sin poder reaccionar antes de alcanzarla y depositarla sobre la cama. Iba a ser una venganza muy placentera She wakes suddenly, she had fallen asleep on the sofa bed deprived of his beloved man.

As he arrived he began to read erotic stories and see photographs and graphic sexual positions. She fell asleep reading the book " 68 positions for making love " to describe all the mechanisms and instruments to reach pleasure , concluding that the position 69 is to clean the instruments used in privacy. I fell asleep , completely naked. My vagina wet , my legs and my pubic hair nectar pegosteado drained after I excited to read the stories, written by my man , these stories erotic so sublime , so hot, full of extraordinary imagination , that made me feel truly woman.

I awake to the sound of a noise. I stand , I cover myself with my clothes. I research and do not sense anything. Nobody in death, no one outside.

Road to private mirror. I fix my hair, rub my face , waking. I have traits of pleasure face a night alone , but accompanied by my man. If I had my virtual man , my erotic rapporteur , who awakens my fantasies , which makes me run off , which the touch me makes me shudder.

I close my eyes and feel that is coming behind me. She puts her hands on my shoulders. It disturbs me the body. I feel his lips on my neck , my neck , my ears. Play with my hair , around my breasts , my waist , I feel your breath , your breathing and turns hugging me tightly and kisses me deep in my mouth.

My body shakes from head to toe. Your kisses I like , non stop kissing me while his hands seek my privacy, my clothes fall to the floor, was completely naked before him. His hands take hold of my buttocks, gently squeeze , I am surrounded by the waist and carried me to the sofa , sitting on the shore where he continues stroking my body, which trembles to be there totally naked with my man.

I lie down and his hands massaged my whole anatomy, separates my legs with his arms , kneels and kisses my lower lip , I could not contain myself and remembering their stories , and now feeling his lips on mine, I get a delicious orgasm. Lame all my privacy, my nectars are in their lips , in your mouth , on your palate.

It tastes, and kisses me with a passion to share my taste with me. I get well , and head to a turntable compact and select a tune to dance for him. I feel it in his desk chair. I move sensually to the beat of the music. The observed me , enjoying my anatomy, my choreography, the movement of my buttocks , the jump of my breasts , which gradually approach their face , their legs , and stand up , and I 'm removing the clothes.

We were both completely naked , I kneel and I have before me his cock, fully erect , as never before seen. I kiss , lick it , suck it , so I suck , I do mine. The moans of pleasure , take my neck and inserts it into my mouth to the throat. I feel slightly ejaculates , his pre-cum spilling inside me. I stop the movement of her hips to penetrate orally. Saco his cock slowly from my mouth, my tongue is cleaning. I felt in his desk chair and I ride on it. Gently penetrates my vagina , the size of his cock slowly engages , to open up , I move into a delicious fro , I ride , I take it from his neck , on my waist , and the two we rock hard until I hear their hot milk , bombing inside me, running down the sides of my vaginal lips and spilling down my legs , I have another orgasm while our bodies swaying in exquisite spasms.

We kissed , we cherish , we feel, we hugged. Saco your member of my cave. I kneel down , put the palms of my hands on the floor and I approached to him, like a cat in heat. My mouth is full of saliva by the whim of its member retest as to centimeters, toss me into your penis to swallow , he puts his hand on my forehead to stop. I sit on my legs , put my hands on his knees. My man put the tip of the mast on my tongue and rub there, its flavor makes me chills all over my body. I take the neck and shoves his tool in my mouth , give a groan of satisfaction, my lips around his privacy , pressing hard , my man is pushing more and more, until it reaches deep to bear.

He pulled out his penis in my mouth to suck it , lick it from their eggs to the tip, ensalivo everywhere. I open my mouth , I inserted my man again, and while I enjoy pushing , feel the muscles in my vagina throb , excitement through my body at breakneck speed , I still stubbornly , my man stands still for me to breastfeed quietly. Then enviste me , catch me in the mouth pressed against my lips , his thrusts into my mouth reach the depths of my throat , I know you are enjoying it, because I can see her happy face , fullness to have me, to have him.

I pulled forward and backward from the neck , and hip does the same , that causes the thrusts are faster , harder and deeper. We are sweating , our bodies claim that orgasm. My neck calls truce, but take it a little more, my man trembles , lets out a scream as enraged bull and I feel like all his manhood liquid is discharged on my tongue , to my taste , it does envestirme and his next shot me staying in his throat , his cock still convulsing.

I do not know where I get the strength to endure, to stand still and wait for it to enjoy this moment, the convulsions of his body makes his cock out a little from my throat but not out of my mouth , that leaves me breathe through the nose , with difficulty because I want more air , I focus on that I have to swallow the semen in the mouth while somewhat spilled from the corner of my lips up to the tip of my chin. Puts and kick starts a slow and shallow while with his right hand stroking my hair hanging down my back.

Take his cock and a thread of saliva combined with her milk hanging from my lower lip to the tip of his penis , I quickly looking at it again I get his penis in her mouth , to swallow that liquid feeling his manhood hanging down my throat. After free leave my mouth his cock and masturbate with one hand and the other massaging her eggs. Not take it anymore , I ask you to take me hard, make me yours will. Without saying anything , I increase my holding my right arm , I know that my prayers have taken effect, puts me on the sofa , staring at the ceiling , flex my legs and my man separates me , grabs his cock with his right hand , and leans over me , I immediately hugged him happy by receiving neck , adjusts his penis at the entrance of my vagina contact with that beautiful member my body shivers with happiness , my man puts his arms on either side of my body and dropped directly into my privacy.

My eyes are moist and red , about to mourn , for the happiness of feeling his cock inside me. It keeps a kick puts and deep joy , my groans are not left waiting , my breasts are pressed firmly against his chest just make more pleasant the fuck I'm getting. Minutes later I turn around and penetrates me from behind making me move in time with his thrusts. My man is taking me. His strokes are faster , resulting in my reach orgasm in seconds ahahahahahahah!

My eyes glaze over when you feel walking electric shock through my body, feel his cock throb to fill your dairy , giving me five very strong thrusts , each accompanied by their respective ration of milk, its foam comes out the sides my vagina , dripping down my legs and covering much of my ass , my man gives a yell of satisfaction falling on top of me , without taking your instrument.

So for a while we do not know how much , just enough to catch your breath while receiving kisses and caresses, but exhaustion grabs me and fall asleep trapped in the arms of my man.

Me despierta el sonido de un ruido. Me pongo de pie, me cubro con mi ropa. Investigo y no percibo nada. Nadie en la muerte, nadie afuera. Camino al espejo del privado. Me arreglo el pelo, me froto la cara, despertando. Cierro mis ojos y siento que se acerca a mi espalda. Pone sus manos sobre mis hombros. Se me eriza el cuerpo. Mi cuerpo tiembla de pies a cabeza. Lo siento en la silla de su escritorio. El gime de placer, toma mi nuca y lo inserta en mi boca hasta la garganta. Detengo el movimiento de sus caderas al penetrarme oralmente.

Saco su miembro lentamente de mi boca, mi lengua lo va limpiando. Nos besamos, nos acariciamos, nos sentimos, nos abrazamos. Saco su miembro de mi cueva. Me siento sobre mis piernas, pongo mis manos en las rodillas. Saco su pene de mi boca para chuparlo, lamerlo desde sus huevos hasta la punta, lo ensalivo por todos lados.

Estamos sudando, nuestros cuerpos reclaman ese orgasmo. Inicia un mete y saque lento y menos profundo mientras que con su mano derecha acaricia mi cabello que cuelga por mi espalda. Estaba en mi cama y totalmente desnuda. Me da un beso en la mejilla y se deja caer a mi costado. Hasta esa fecha con Peter solo eran piquitos. Todo era muy rico, sentir como acariciaba mis redondas piernas. Desde mi ombligo para arriba. Recuerdo que un viernes por la tarde, fuimos a un almuerzo por un compromiso en el Club.

Mejor vamos arriba, le dije. El vestido era de aquellos que llevan oculto el cierre en uno de los costados. Al no sentir mi ropa interior, se detuvo. Eres mi macho, soy tu mujer. Cuando me mude de Trujillo a Lima me quede en casa de mi hermana mientras encontraba departamento para mi familia. Ella me dice nos encontremos a dos cuadras porque los vecinos son muy chismosos. Al llegar al 'telo' lo menos que pienso es en prender la TV, de inmediato la empiezo a besar en los labios, en el cuello, en su pelo sedoso y perfumado mientras ella me mira con sus ojos grandes y de color verde miel.

La agarro por su cintura y la tumbo en la cama. Ella misma se quita la ropa mientras yo hago lo mismo. Ella empiezo a gemir, a retorcerse, me pide que me voltee que quiera chupar mi pinga. I would say this , do not count on much but will do the attempt. I met him in a social network. I never had sex or had seen a live naked man. I am thin enough male and tender. I simply fall in love with him. I remember that night I 've been to the movies but did not see anything he wanted to do his thing aja.

The front Sepone I opened my legs and put the head of the penis in my ass. I do not know but if it hurts that achievement. I came and I realized.. I do not believe the whole bed vain and both full of blood, my first time I did a torn ass 3 cms I caused a hemorrhage pa sent me the clinic and spent two days in hospital.. El sepone enfrente mio me abre las piernas y pone la cabeza del pene en mi vagina.

Al verme el se asusto como cuando tu mama entra a tu cuarto y tu te estas tocado, excepto que esta vez el de igual forma se estaba masturbando, pero yo no era su mama, era su alumno El solo se quedo con la boca abierta y sus ojos estaban tan sorprendidos que creo que estaba por desmayarse Al terminar entre a la hab donde ya estaba Rafo desnudo completamente, echado sobre la cama con su gran culo expuesto. Nos acostamos y volvi a hacerle el amor, cuando al dia siguiente nos despedimos, Alicia era mi amante, con el consentimiento de su marido.

Es alto atractivo bien marcado, delgado, parece modelo de DNA. Cuando estoy a solas con mis primas, las mando a comprar y urgo en el cajon se su ropa interior, me fascina el olor de sus trusas, se ha de mirar un papasote, con tremendo paquete ajustado en esas trusas tan sexy que usa.. Una ves en una albercada, llevo un short nylon, corto.. Bueno en ese dia pude comprovar el tamano.

Saco una pelicula y la puso. Empece mi drama y llore Asi que se dejo y gemia como loco, se retorcia, en la cama.. Y me tuve que ir corriendo, al llegar eran como las 6: Bueno pasate, mientras me despido de los amigos. Oye tu abuelo es el carpintero verdad. Y te gustan las revistas que tengo. Las que estabas viendo cuando entre. Me puse nervioso y con voz temblorosa le dije, un poco.

Pues de estos, se agacho y saco la caja de los dildos, de un cajon que estaba hasta abajo, y me los puso en las piernas. Si te acuerdas como son verdad. Bueno la verdad no quiero obligarte a nada, pero no puedo desaprovechar esta oportunidad, entiendes. Pare un momento y le dije. Esta bien, pero no te vayas. Humm, humm, puta madre que bien lo haces, sigue sigue. Le tocamos haber si nos puede atender, o mejor me asomo para ver si esta y le digo.

Ya esta listo para cogerme. Agarreme de las nalgas. Perfecto, no se rompera la cabecera si me agarro de ella. Pero si es resistente. Si, no te preocupes. Si, que rica estas, me vengo, me vengo, si si si, o que rico, humm humm. Mientras nos limpiabamos me dijo, eres la mejor nenita que he tenido en toda mi vida.

Yo me sonroje, y le dije, gracias. Cuanto tiene su esposa que se murio. Nos acabamos de limpiar, nos acomodamos la ropa. Como le rentaba una sra. Deje lo pienso, pero si me animo vengo el otro mes, esta bien. Pero el problema es que la sra. Si puedo haya nos vemos. Llegue a mi casa y ya eran las 8: Por que tardaste tanto.

Then went back to normal and clothes suits me , looking up, saw two faces and beautiful sensual lips a soft pass as a friend is fired each kissed their tongues feeling aside amid the distress of everyone who was a farewell speech Thanks dude listen. Buenas Noches a todos. Soy nuevo en escribir un relato pero llevo algo de tiempo mirando la pagina.

Me animo mucho la idea de querer compartir mis historias. Espero les guste, es algo larga pero se que les gusta los detalles a fondo. Yo por mi parte no sabia quien era puesto a que era nuevo en el tema ser Gay abiertamente. Llegue a las El miraba mucho la hora pero yo estaba encantado con sus ojos azules y su cabello, era un chico muy apuesto y tenia una cara perfecta. Cuando fueron las Mmm duritas y redondas Yo era virgen y estaba muerto por explorar cosas nuevas.

Me quite la camisa y el saco del uniforme y me puse un buso azul rey. Ahhhh me tengo que ir para el trabajo y usted no ha llegadoo! Pero si nos estamos conociendo! Nos besamos y nos vestimos el uno a el otro. Miramos la hora y ya son las 6: Cuando se esta por ir me dice "Te Amo" Y le digo "Y yo te estoy empezando a querer" y me mira y suspira y se va corriendo. Entonces me ducho y en la ducha me masturbo pensando en aquel tarde tan inolvidable. Salgo en bata y me acuesto en la cama.

Era la tarde de un viernes despues de clases. Mi amigo mario y yo fuimos a su casa a hacer la tarea en grupo que nos habian dejado para la exposicion del siguiente lunes.. Como la casa de mario estaba mas cerca que la mia decidimos ir a su casa ya que sus papas trabajaban todo el dia. Llegamos a su casa y miramos que el coche de su papa estaba en el garage estacionado.

Enseguida saca su cartera y le ordena a mario ir al supermercado por una lista de cosas para la cocina. Cuando sale don braulio y me dice!! Senti su semen en mis labios y en seguida me toma de la cintura u me pone de espaldas sobre el sofa, bajandome el pantalon y sacandome la trusa, cuando miro mi ereccion supo lo caliente que estaba yo.. No vi venir la mano. El olor era a hombre, olor a culo, el olor de la masculinidad. Si te lo mereces, jodido marica.

Seguro que te encanta, nenaza. El primer chorro casi me ahoga, espeso y disparado como una bala. Me puso un poco por la nariz, dejando que una gota quedara cayendo de ella. Mi lefa no sabe mal. Entiendo que a los maricones os encante. Era Oscar, el encargado de la Residencia. Aquella tarde de que pase con mi primo jugando playstation nunca la olvidare porque fue mi primera experiencia gay fue lo mas excitante y rico que hemos pasado.

Hola mi nombre es Ivan hoy les traigo mi primera experiencia espero y les guste. En mi familia se acostumbra que los domingos se junte toda la familia y como ya era tradicion asi paso llegaron mis tios,primos a mi casa entre mis primos habia uno que por el hacia lo que fuera el y yo somos fanaticos a los videojuegos y esa tarde tome como excusa que me llevara a rentar un juego para estar a solas con el un rato.

Y asi paso despues de que llegamos a mi casa le dije que fueramos a mi cuatro a jugar un rato y el acepto. Mi primer novio iba a viajar un tiempo despues que yo me acomodara y pudiera conseguirle un trabajo y un lugar donde poder estar juntos, al menos esos eran los planes,pero como siempre muchas veces lo que se planea no es lo que termina por realizarse. La verdad que los primeros meses fueron muy duros para mi, sola sin el, en un pais tan lejano, con otra cultura,otro idioma y tb con la diferencia de edad con mis hermanas que ya estaban bastante adaptadas a este tipo de vida,que era por ese tiempo era mucho trabajo y poca diversion.

Para colmo llegue a nueva jersey,que esta cerca de nueva york pero que parece provincia ,son pueblitos muy lindos y pintorescos pero con poca vida social o lugares de diversion, asi que me tuve que acostumbrar a esa realidad, la de trabajar y ver si mi novio podia venir lo antes posible. Era un epoca de miles de llamados telefonicos y chat que por ese tiempo todavia no era todo tan rapido y avanzado en cuanto a tecnologia.

Transcurrido ya un buen tiempo y despues de que mucho de mi sacrificio haya ido a parar a manos de mi primer novio y dandome cuenta que el no tenia la minima intencion de venirse porq me imagino la estaba pasando bomba con la plata que yo le enviaba para que se venga; decidi terminar esa realcion que por ser el mi primer hombre me dolio bastante pero la vd no me arrepiento.

Ya habia aprendiido ingles ,ganaba buen dinero y ya salia mas la vd que invitaciones me llovian ,no es por presumir pero creo que por mi edad le sacaba mucha ventaja a la gran mayoria de mujeres sobre todo latinas que vivian en ese pueblo. Una de las cosas que mas me llamaron la atencion al principio fue que no habia negocios donde vendieran ropa intima sexy o provocativa.

Como dije al principio habia estado solo con mi ex novio y solo tuve sexo tradicional,el era bastanet inexperto y solo lo habiamos echo un par de veces que no niego lo disfrute pero estaba muy lejos de ser el sexo real y completo que despues aprendi.

Corria junio del y era un sabado,una amiga me comenta que se iba a inaugurar un local de ropa para gente joven y que la gran novedad es que por fin iban a vender tanguitas,aclaro que a esas alturas ya me sentia una vieja con al ropa intima que usaba y las pocas sexies que tenia me las enviaban de Argentina. Fuimos al local de la emocion y porq estaba en promocion me compre 20 de la mas chiiquitas y de todos los colores como si eso me habilitara a conseguirme algun hombre interesante,cosa que paso al dia siguiente justo cuando estrene una tanguita blanquita de encaje con un shortcito blanco que segun el me confeso despues me dejaba el culo perfecto,bien paradito y redondito.

El encuentro fue un domingo de verano , yo como casi cada domingo me iba a ver el campeonato de futbol de la liga latina y si bien estaba lleno de hombres nadie me habia llamado mucho la atencion.

Ahi estaba el ,al principio no lo habia visto ,hacia poco habia llegado al pueblo e iba a jugar para uno de los equipos,todos estaban hablando de el porq como buen argentino era muy bueno para el futbol, tenia un cuerpo muy atletico.

Como no habia vestuarios ni nada todos se cambiaban al costado de la cancha entre unos arboles ,me senti atraido cuando lo vi llegar con una musculosa ,su short y unas piernas muy trabajadas la vd no despegue la vista de el hasta que lo vi quedarse sin remera y ver que se cambiaba el short con unos boxers blancos que le quedaban divino,senti tal excitacion que creo me moje un poquito, hacia tanto que no experimentaba algo asi que solo cerre los ojos e imagine tenerlo dentro mio.

Como se jugaban varios partidos en la misma cancha , me vi todo el partido de el ,por cierto metio un par de goles y las chicas no paraban de gritarle,cuando termino su partido vi que un amigo mio se acerco a saludarlo y felicitarlo me agarro una alegria como si fuera que era yo porq sabia que lo iba a poder conocer por medio de ese amigo. Todavia estaba sudado ,pero aun con sudor podia sentir el aroma de su perfume mezclado obviamente con el sudor, me dijo me llamo gabriel y me dio un beso,sentirlo asi tan cerca y con tanto tiempo sin un hombre hizo que me estremeciera y me sonrojora quedando muy en evidencia, el seguro se dio cuenta pero solo atino a reirse y me confeso que ya me habia visto antes y que tenia ganas de conocerme.

Nos quedamos asi un buen rato mientras seguia lloviendo hasta que no se aguanto mas y me susurro al oido ,princesa tenes un culo divino ,esas simples palabras mezcla de ternura y calentura hizo que mi conchita se mojara completamente que si ese no era un lugar publico le iba a implorar que me coja ahi mismo, que como dije desde el principio solo habia experimentado tener sexo vaginal sin ninguna previa ni nada que no fuera besarse en los labiios en todo lo demas era virgen completamente.

El en cambio se notaba aparte de su edad 27 que ya tenia bastante experiencia. Como 15 minutos despues la lluvia paro y aunque si por mi fuera me hubiese gustado quedarme asi toda la tarde tuvimos que separarnos de esa posicion y seguir hablando en otra postura pero en la cual ya me sentia desnuda ante el ,por lo mojada que estaba por fuera y mi conchita. Como a los 5 minuto de salir nos quedamos en una estacion de servicio para comprar algo de tomar.

Nos subimos y apenas arranco me dijo ,bb me muero porq me chupes la pija mientras voy manejando,lo mire y me senti muy avergonzada porq lo queria complacer pero nunca habia tenido una pija en mi boca ni nunca mi primer novio me habia chupado la concha , no sabia como decirle que nunca lo habia echo. Finalmente llegamos a donde vivia ,una vieja casona en un lugar bastante desolado, me dijo que vivia ahi con una pareja amiga pero que como no veia el auto seguro no estaban. Me invito a pasar para tomar las sangrias y de paso a ver si me conseguia ropa seca,me pregunto si me queria duchar y que el mientras tanto hacia algo de comer, algo que yo necesitaba con urgencia o sea todo lo que el me estaba ofreciendo lo necesitaba con urgencia la ducha, la comida y lo que podia pasar despues.

Mientras me duchaba tenia una seansacion de calentura y preocupacion por lo que fuera a pasar despues, tenia miedo que no me creyera mi inexperiencia a pesar de haberlo conocido esa tarde y que ya haya pasado todo eso. Termine de ducharme y el me tenia preparado ropa segun el de una prima que a veces se queda ahi ,me dijo que ropa intima no tenia pero me paso un short de esos flojitos pero que igual te marcan el culo y una remerita de snoopy que es mi personaje favorito.

Los dos quedamos completamente sin fuerzas , el se acerco me dio un beso en la boca a pesar que yo seguia con toda su leche regada por mi pecho ,me dijo que me quedara a dormir con el ,a lo que yo le dije que no porq mis hermanas seguro ya estaban muy preocupadas de que no volviera a la casa a esas horas ,le pedi por favor que pusiera mi ropa mojada al secador porq queria llegar de nuevo a casa con mi ropa.

Un vez seca con mi tanguita incluida ,me vesti ,me despedi de el y me fui a casa con mi boquita desvirgada por ese nuevo y encantador amigo Estimados cofrades, antes de comentar esta hermosa experiencia deseo resaltar la buena Onda, referente hasta q punto un comentario deberia de ser positivo o negativo,, leo muchas discusiones en los diferentes relatos,,, seamos personas inteligentes y q nuestros aportes sean de total respaldo y seguridad y asi desplayarnos de la mejor manera Benavides, Surco, si mas no me equivoco ahora en esa zona esta el britanico, al frente esta la Bolichera, por caminos del Inca, pero en esa epoca no era asi..

Especialistas y afectados coinciden: No todas eran prostitutas. Este problema no clases sociales. Claro que para ese entonces puede haber ocurrido cualquier desastre. El alivio sexual duraba muy poco. Desde entonces, ha logrado mejorar su vida. Daniel ha logrado mantener once meses de "sobriedad". El apoyo mutuo de los distintos miembros es fundamental. A diferencia de un adicto al juego o a las drogas, el objetivo de estos grupos no es llevar a la abstinencia total a sus miembros, sino a una vida sexual ordenada.

Este plan es personal. Horacio piensa que es una suerte que nadie se haya acercado a ASAA con intereses de "levante".

El divorcio fue de mutuo acuerdo y quedamos como buenos amigos. Mi madre regresaba del trabajo por las tardes y ya nos encontraba a "las" 3 jugando muy "lindas". Pero con el tiempo pude aprender a esconder a mi amiguito muy bien. Nadie sospechaba, ni siquiera un leve comentario. Estaba que me temblaban hasta los dientes Arranque y duramos varios minutos sin hablar Esa fue la primera de muchas veses. Actualmente vivimos juntos, yo como su "mujer" y el mi hombre.

Tengo mucho que contarles, aunque soy muy detallista, creo que eso demuestra lo hermosa que ha sido la vida para mi, Y lo mucho que disfruto y me encanta el sexo Beh , tutto inizia ruvida in questa parte della storia , Santiago appare la bicicletta e mi chiede di avere sulla tua moto!

. Fodendo frote hacia abajo

Fodendo frote hacia abajo

I ignored and thus I learned the glory from the pain. Estamos sudando, nuestros cuerpos reclaman ese orgasmo. I was in line and feel q someone hits me back, I turn to see this crazy behind me. Y fue lo que hice al instante. Se la habia sacado de la boca y me dijo eso, yo me quede sorprendido, quien iba a pensarlo? While sliding the head of his cock in my ass!